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I2C Communication without extern controller

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is it possible that the components of the TAS3208 Device  can change their I2C register datas without any extern controller.
For example (with PurePath):

      Is the "Compare Data; Select Coefficient Component" able to change the channel selection of a multiplexer?
      If yes, how?


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  • Hakan,

    You don't have to use PurePathStudio, it's just an easy way of doing it.  But you do need some other way to communicate via I2C to change the properties of TAS3208 components.

    No, the Compara Data select coefficient component can't be used as a mux. ( Maybe I didn't understand your question correctly, if so, can you rephrase your question?)


  • Thank you Susan.


    Now I want to communicate with a microcontroller to the TAS3208 device. For first test I send some bytes with an I2C programmer and get acknowledge bits, but the register I am writing into remains at the same values. How could that be possible?


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  • Haken,

    Can you provide more details? How did you send the bytes?  What are the bytes? which memory you're trying to write? for which component? (DAP coef or data)  And if you use PPS, can you change it properly?

    I'll see whether I can help.


  • I have an universal usb-to-i2c programmer.

    The Bystes i send:     0x68     0x00     0x4E       0x00    0x00    0x00    0x02
                                          chip       write   register

    In this case I get 7 Acknowledge bits.


    If I send chip adress and r/w bit together (which is normally reqired), I get a NACK.


    With I2C Memory Tool of PPS there is no Problem.

    It could be that I use the wrong baudrat (115200).

    Waht is the right baudrate?



    Based on the TAS3x I2C protocol, you're supposed to send the chip address and r/w together and get one ACK back.

    I2C Write Transaction

    The I2C write transaction for the I2C Data Constant is shown in the figure below.


    Don't know about the baud rate though.