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Part Number: TAS5782MEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TAS5753MDEVM


I'm using the TAS5782MEVM connected to the Purepath motherboard.  In addition to my amplified L/R signal from the 5782 I would like to use the analog output of the motherboard to feed a full-range signal to a subwoofer.  After reading the motherboard manual and searching through the TAS5782EVM app on PPC3 I still cannot find a way to accomplish this.

Can someone please advise or point me to a resource which might help?



  • Hello RBS,

    here is the motherboard schematic, there isn’t an easy way to externally route the analog input but you can refer to the schematic if you wanted to modify the board to do so


    best regards,


  • Hello Luis,

    Thanks for sending the schematic.  Unfortunately I'm still unclear about things.  Just to be on the same page I'm asking about the physical analog output jack found on the motherboard.  It is labelled 'HP_OUT".  I have to believe that this connector was placed on the board so that it can be used.

    From the schematic it appears that both the analog inputs and HP_OUT are connected to the AIC3262 codec ic.  Further the AIC is controlled by an i2c line which presumably sets i/o routing.  Rather than hack into the board with jumpers etc... I would like to know how to control the AIC to pass the incoming audio along to the HP_OUT.  Here is a screen shot that I have edited for clarity:

    For background I also have a TAS5753MDEVM.  Its app in PPC3 has the facility to switch on/off the HP_OUT signal on the Audio I/O tab.  This initiates the following i2c traffic:

    This is what I'm trying to do with the TAS5782 board.  Rather than dealing with i2C directly I was hoping for some advice regarding configuration files etc... so I wouldn't have to take the chance of inadvertently mis-configuring something or fiddling with direct i2c commands at every startup. 

    The end application here is a listening to be operated by not so technical folks so simplicity is important.

    Your thoughts on configuration files and the correct i2c configuration would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again,


  • Hello RBS,

    The Headphone out is left from older revisions of PPC, but doesn't have an interface with any of our latest PPC3 software, so you will need to do those register writes after device init externally in the I2C monitor. There is no simple way of configuring the TLC320AIC3262 to setup HP_OUT on the PP-CMBEVM for the tas5782, you have to use direct i2c commands there is no other option.

    best regards,