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TPA3255EVM: Altium Source Files

Part Number: TPA3255EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPA3255, TPA3251, TPA3255-Q1

Does anyone have access to the source files (I think they were done in Altium) for the TPA3255EVM.  I would like to use them as a starting point for my application. Thanks!

  • Hi Rick

        We don't provide EVM source file directly. You can use EVM user menu for reference, or contact TI's local FAE. 

  • I don't understand why you wouldn't provide the source files upon request?  Other companies have provided them.  I am fine with contact the local FAE, but I doubt they will have access to them if you don't.

  • Hi Rick

        If you insist, I can e-mail to you. It's not suitable to open to public. Do I sent it to fine to you?

  • Yes that is the correct email and thank you!

  • Please also include library files if you have them, thanks

  • Hi Rick

       I just e-mail to you. Let me know if anything else needed.

  • Thanks Shadow, this is great.  By any chance do you also have the schematic and PCB Libraries and can you send them as well.

  • Dear Shadow,

    After unzipping and checking the project, I discovered that what you sent were the Altium Source Files for the TPA3251, not the TPA3255 (which is what I need).  The evaluation board should have TPA3255EVM and AAP053B markings on it.  Please advise as to getting me the correct files and if you can include the schematic and PCB library files as well.

    Thanks, Rick

  • Hi Rick

       I'll send you today.

  • Dear Shadow,

    This seems closer the EVM that I have and what I need for my work.  What is weird is that all of the A folder has A files in it for both the schematic and PCB, but the B folder has B labeled schematics and A labeled PCB?  My EVM PCB clearly has the B at the end on the silk of the PCB.  In any case if you can find the B version of the PCB, please send it.  In the meanwhile, I'll try to work with these files and I will create my own libraries from them.

    Can you answer the other two questions that I posted today?

    1. The TPA3255EVM has a 12V regulator for VDD, but the datasheet shows an absolute max rating of 11.4V and typical of 10.6.  My circuit will have a 12V (out) DC-DC converter and to get a clean VDD, I was going to use a low-dropout linear regulator and regulate to 10.6V.  Can you explain why the EVM uses 12V and would it be better to regulate to 10.6V as I planned to do?

    2. I'm not sure I fully understand the input side of the RESET control (U7 of the TPA3255EVM).  It looks like because of the low current draw they use a resistive divider to set the Vin to around 4V (slowed down by caps C84 and C67), but what exactly is the intention of the PVDD,  R6, C83, C84, intended to do?


  • Hi Rick

       In the e-mail I already mentioned there seems some problem with Version B, but we don't have other files. I'm afraid no one would know anything about it, the project is created in 2016.

       I answered your question in another ticket you raised.

  • Hello Rick,

    1. You are incorrect. The datasheet for the TPA3255 has for GVDD/VDD the min is 10.8, max 13.2, and the nominal is 12V. Can refer to 

    The only difference between the RevB and A version is the R36 and R52 changed to 0 Ω resistors. So the existing 10k resistors do not pull the C & D channels down to GND all the way.  Need a direct connection to ground.

    best regards,


  • Dear Luis, there is also a datasheet on the TPA3255-Q1.  The Q1 version has lower voltage specs for the GVDD/VDD.  Look up that datasheet and see how it is different.  That said, I think I plan to use the TPA3255DDV which has the nominal 12V for GVDD/VDD.

    My circuit will have a 12V (out) DC-DC converter used primarily for powering a single-board computer.  I am wondering if I can also use it for GVDD/VDD (perhaps with a ferrite bead filter)?

  • Hello Rick,

    The TPA3255-Q1 has different requirements for automotive qualification. If you are using the regular TPA3255DDV then the 12V should be appropriate.

    Best regards,