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TAS5825M: any advantages over the TAS5825M

Part Number: TAS5825M
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TAS5822M, , TAS5825P

Hi Team, 

Good day. I am posting this inquiry on behalf of our customer.

I am considering a new audio amplifier design with either the TAS5822 or TAS5825. They have many specifications in common but the TAS5825 has a 3-band DRC, which is attractive. Are there any reasons I should consider the TAS5822? For example, heat dissipation?

I am designing an active speaker array with 16 speakers and 8 stereo Class-D amplifiers. I intend to design this product within the limitations of the devices but it will be played loud for many hours at a time, so thermal dissipation and other aspects that will affect long-term reliability are important. I prefer 3-band DRC over 2-band, but that is only if all other important aspects are similar. If the TAS5822 is superior in many ways, I would appreciate an explanation.

I realize that the TAS5822M was introduced first and the TAS5825M was introduced a few years later. Why are they in different packages? Does one package have advantages over the other? Does the TAS5822M have any advantages over the TAS5825M other than a lower price? 

Please help to advise. Thank you for extending your support

Kind regards, 


  • Hi Marvin 

    TAS5825M has smart amp and TAS5825P class H function, TAS5822 doesn't have these function. The smart amp function can protect speaker, and the class H function can have better efficiency. TAS5822 is in our value line and TAS5825 is in our performance line. If you don't consider price, TAS5825 has better performance for your application.

  • Hello Marvin,

    To add onto what Feeney said. TAS5822M is a more simplified and lower spec device compared to the TAS5825M. Here is a comparison table of some key differences

    Device TAS5822M TAS5825M
    Overcurrent Threshold 6A 7.5A
    Processing  (Fixed)2-Band DRC + AGL, 2x 14 BQs, 96-kHz processor sampling, Dynamic EQ/Bass enhancement (Flexible) 3-Band advanced DRC + AGL,2 × 15 BQs, – Sound field spatializer (SFS), level meter – 96-kHz, 192-kHz processor sampling – Dynamic EQ, Bass enhancement and speaker thermal/excursion protection
    Die Temperature Report 1 level(135) 4 levels(112,122,134,146)
    192kHz Audio Processing Can't Support Support
    PVDD Sensing Can't Support Support
    Package TSSOP 38 QFN 32

    best regards,