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[FAQ] Does TI have crosses for Cirrus Logic recent EOL or discontinued devices like CS536x ADC, CS43x5 DAC, WM8985/CS4243x Codec, CS35L0x amplifiers ?

Texas Instruments wide portfolio of Audio features Audio Converters, Audio Amplifiers and other Audio interface devices that are potential crosses for Discontinued, NRND or EOL Cirrus Logic Devices listed by Cirrus Logic here.

TI potential crosses in the resources below may offer advantages in terms of size, cost, performance, power consumption and system integration.

Use our Cross-Reference Search tool to view TI recommended alternate for Cirrus Logic devices!

You may also find your audio amplifier, audio converter and other audio interface devices of interest from the table below!

Product Family Cirrus Logic (Discontinued/EOL) GPN Texas Instruments GPN Benefits with TI GPN
Audio ADC CS5351, WM8196, WM8199, WM8775, WM8953, WM8786, CS5361, CS5360, CS5364, CS5505, CS5506

TAA5242 (New), TAA5212 (New),

TLV320ADC5120, PCM1840, PCM1820, PCM1804, PCM4204, PCM4220

High-performance ADCs with >110-dB SNR/DNR, low THD+N, digital filter settings and 2/4 channel options 
CS5366, CS5451A PCM6360-Q1 Automotive ADC with 10-VRMS inputs, MICBIAS, input diagnostics and high CMRR
CS5345, CS5346, CS53L30, CS5343, CS5344, CS4525, CS53L21, CS5340, CS5341, CS5342, WM8782, WM8781

TLV320ADC3120, TLV320ADC3140, PCM1808, PCM1821

Low-power and low-cost ADCs with 2/4 channel options, small size, programmability
Audio Codec CS42L51, WM8734, WM8750, WM8595, WM8594, WM8903, WM8948, WM8973, CS42L51, WM9712, WM9713, WM9714, WM9715, WM8978, WM8983, WM8753, WM8989

TAC5242 (New), TAC5212 (New),

TAC5142 (New), TAC5112 (New),

TLV320AIC3104, TLV320AIC3204, TLV320AIC3206, TLV320AIC3107, TLV320AIC3101

Low-power stereo-channel codecs with integrated headphone/speaker amplifier, digital microphone options and enhanced digital effects
WM8510, WM8974

TAC5111 (New), TAC5211 (New)

WM8985, WM1811, CS4270, WM8988, WM8960 TLV320AIC3262, TLV320AIC3254, TLV320AIC3212, TLV320AIC3256 Stereo-channel codecs with audio processing (miniDSP), integrated Class-D amplifier, ground-centered headphone and multiple I2S options
CS42432, CS42435, CS4207, CS47L15, WM8581, WM8860, WM8850, WM8776, WM8580, CS4228A, CS42416, CS42418, CS42426, CS42428, WM2200, WM8580, CS42L73, WM8993, WM8770, WM8915 PCM3168A, TLV320AIC34 Multi-channel codecs with low-power modes and small size
CS42L56, WM8945, CS42L51, CS4270, CS42436, CS42438, CS42448, CS42888 TLV320AIC3109-Q1, TLV320AIC3104-Q1, TLV320AIC3254-Q1, PCM3168-Q1 Automotive codecs with multi-channel and audio processing options
Audio DAC WM8741, WM8742, WM1824, WM8533, CS4352, WM8761, CS4349, WM8716, CS4391, CS4341, CS4392, WM8740, CS4396

TAD5242 (New), TAD5212 (New),

TAD5142 (New), TAD5112 (New),

PCM1754, PCM1789, PCM1796, PCM1792A

Stereo-channel low-power and high SNR DACs with voltage & current output options
CS4385CS4382, CS4362, CS4361, WM8766, WM8768, CS4360, CS4364, CS4384 PCM1690, PCM1680, PCM1681 Multi-channel DACs
CS4349, CS4392, CS4385 PCM1789-Q1, PCM1690-Q1 Automotive DACs
Audio Amplifier CS35L01, C35L03, WM9082, CS35L00 TPA2011D1, TPA2034D1 Mono-channel analog-input Class-D amplifiers
WM9010, WM2002 TPA6141A2 Analog-input headphone amplifiers
Audio Interface CS8421, CS8422, CS8420 SRC4382, SRC4192 Sample Rate Converters
CS8406 PCM9211, DIT4192 Digital Audio Interface Transceiver/ Transmitter

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