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PCM1862: SCK output from GPIO1 in Master mode

Part Number: PCM1862

I have a PCM1862 set as master mode, it has its own crystal.

The device is configured as 32bit, so bclk is 64fs and my mclk is generated by the crystal and it is 512fs (24.576Mhz).

I have to driver device that is laking the PLL so I need a mclk output on GPIO1.

I've enabled the mode on GPIO1 to output SCK0 but I'm not getting the full SCK.

Am I missing something?

SCK_XI_SEL is set to 10b
MST_SCK_SRC is set to 0
MST_MODE is set to 1
CLKDET_EN is set to 1

GPIO1_FUNC is set to 11b

Below a dump of some registers:
I: ---- PCM186X ----
I: Reg 0x0001: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0002: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0003: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0004: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0005: 0b10000110(0x0086)
I: Reg 0x0006: 0b1(0x0001)
I: Reg 0x0007: 0b1(0x0001)
I: Reg 0x0008: 0b1000010(0x0042)
I: Reg 0x0009: 0b1000010(0x0042)
I: Reg 0x000A: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x000B: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0010: 0b110000(0x0030)
I: Reg 0x0011: 0b100000(0x0020)
I: Reg 0x0012: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0013: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0014: 0b10(0x0002)
I: Reg 0x0015: 0b0(0x0000)
I: Reg 0x0020: 0b10010001(0x0091)
I: Reg 0x0026: 0b111(0x0007)
I: Reg 0x0027: 0b111111(0x003F)
I: Reg 0x0072: 0b1111(0x00F)
I: Reg 0x0073: 0b11(0x0003)
I: Reg 0x0074: 0b110100(0x0034)
I: Reg 0x0075: 0b0(0x0000)