TAS6424E-Q1: While Performing AC Diagnostic to read tweeter impedance Getting wrong Impedance value

Part Number: TAS6424E-Q1
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Hi There,

I have connected two tweeter(4 ohm, 4 ohm) parallels to two speaker(4 ohm, 4ohm) to channel1 and Channels2  of tas6424-q1. Reading the impedance values from the registers(0x17 - 0x1A) but not getting expected impedance value. 


1)Connecting tweeter(4ohm impedance) with parallel to Speaker(4 ohm Impedance).

2)Playing sine tone with 19kHz.

3)Perform AC diag

4)Read the impedance values from the registers(0x17 - 0x1A).Getting Impedance value around  5.3 Ohm(21*0.2496 Ω).

5)Stop Ac Diga

6)Remove tweeter and speaker

7)perform step:2),3)

8)Read the impedance values from the registers(0x17 - 0x1A). Here Expected value around  0 Ohm But Getting value 5.3 Ohm(21*0.2496 Ω).Its taking previous  

Please Can you provide support for this issue?