TAS6424E-Q1: I2C Random and Sequential Access register [Read clear register]

Part Number: TAS6424E-Q1


Hi team, 

Could you please advise the capability of I2C Random/Sequential Access especially for "Read clear register" for the devices below?

I found TAS6584 fault memory registers are not Read Cleared by Sequential Read, but it requires Random Read to clear the bit. 

So I would like to make sure if there is such a requirement exist in the other devices I am using or plant to use. 

Please review below and correct me if any requirements or notes missing. 

Part number

Sequential R/W Random R/W Note


Yes Yes no latch register?
TAS6584QPHDRQ1 Yes  Yes Memory registers are not read clear by Sequential Read. It requires Random access read to clear it.  
TAS6422EQDKQRQ1 Yes Yes no latch register?
TAS5424CTDKERQ1 Yes Yes Does Latched register cleared by either Sequential or Random read?
TAS5411QPWPRQ1 Yes Yes ?
TAS6424EQDKQRQ1 Yes Yes no latch register?
TAS5720LRSMR No??? Yes No sequential access allowed?