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PCM5102EVM-U : No function

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Dear community,

i am experimenting with PCM5102EVM-U.

The probleme is that the board has no function. No signal comes through the board. It does not start.

If i connect the board with the pc and i start the CodecControll Software i will get the following message: "'149.99998' is not a valid floating point value". Do you have a solution for this problem?

Do you have a step by step tutorial to start the board?

  • Tim,

    Can you list the jumper placement and clock settings for your board?  Can you also click "About" to verify the version of firmware? 

  • Hi Patrick,

    The jumper placement is in the standard configuration like I find in the datasheet.

    The jumper of  "W3" (Interface Connect) are all set.

    The other jumpers are all set in the position marked by arrow.

    The clock settings "SW3"(MCLK Select) are at the moment all at "0" (off position) but I have used all the clock settings with no difference.

    About the firmware version I can give you no answer because when I connect the board to the PC an start the software, i will get the following message: "'149.99998' is not a valid floating point value".

    I find in the datasheet the info that the PCM510xEVM-U only used with the CodecControl software but what is the problem that every time I will get this massage?

  • Tim,

    Is W5 set for "RXCKO" or "MCLK"?  As for W3, can you set all switches to the left and set W5 for "MCLK" and see if the board connects?  While floating point errors have not occurred with this board, I suspect it is either a problem with no clocks to the USB controller, or a problem with the firmware.  Do you have any other boards to plug into the PC to rule out software as well?

  • Hello Patrick,

    the clock ist not the problem. We have tried all clock settings. Nevertheless it does not start. Also we have switched all switches to th left und we have set W5 for MCLK but it does not work.

    Could it be connected with the software? We do not find the right software for the PCM5102EVM-U. In the downloads for the board were only the software for the PCM5101EVM-U. Or are both versions compatible?

  • Tim,

    The software is the same for PCM5101 and PCM5102, so this should not be the problem.  Is there anyway you can try another board to see if it can connect to the PC?

  • Hello Patrick,

    we bought one evaluation kit for evaluation purposes so we do not have a second board for comparisons. We would kindly ask TI to supply a second unit. Adress see

    Thank you for your support.

    Kind regards from Germany

    Tim Pantel

  • Hi Tim,

    I do have exactly the same problem. Do you have any solution so far ?

    Kind regards,

    Thomas Winkler

  • The issue is that the software did not confine the floating point formatting to US-english. The floating point parsing function however  uses the windows internationalization settings, which in some countries is a comma, not a dot. To 'by pass' this issue configure your region in the Region and Language setting on the control panel as 'English (United States)' and the application will run.

    TI: please fix this.