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TPA3132D2EVM Class D Evaluation Module Operation

I have been trying to obtain an output from the module as delivered following the instructions in steps 2 and 3 provided.  So far, with little success.

For L and R channels, I have connected both input signals (1Khz sin wave) and output resistive loads (8 ohm).  19.5V DC Power was supplied after all connections were made.  Jumpers for single channel operation have been left as delivered.

I have not connected any voltage to PLIMIT.  Apart from trying MUTE, I have not touched S1 or tried FAULT or made any changes to the 3 jumpers in AM AVOIDANCE.  No other instructions, except a warning to only apply a voltage to PLIMIT when the power PVCC is applied, are given.

What have I missed to turn on the amplifier?

  • Hi, John,

    Sorry that you are having trouble. Are J5 and J6 open?

    If you look at the chip side of the output inductors, what do you see?


  • Hi Don,

    Yes, J5 and J6 are open.  I am experienced in analog amplifiers where the ground at the input in my designs were the same as the output negative to the speakers.  I connected channels 1 and 2 grounds from my scope to both the input and the output.  Old habits die hard.  I happen to remove the ground of the input from the scope to find that the output negative is not the same as the input ground.  The amplifier now functions.  I should have checked the amplifier circuit diagram more thoroughly.

    Thank you for your reply that did not point to the need to remove jumpers from the evaluation board as delivered from TI, where J5 and J6 were open.  Having removed jumpers from my trouble shooting, I happen to stumble upon the ground problem.

  • Hi, John,

    Great! I am happy that you figured it out.

    I am also happy that the EVM ships correctly configured.