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Interfacing DIR9001 , PCM1794A and DRV603 ?

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is there anywhere explanation how to interface those three devices?

I was reading something() about interfacing DIR9001 and DRV603 with PCM1789, but PCM1789 seems to have voltage output and PCM1794A is with current output, so I am little bit confused. Those two ics is not the same pinouts.

So, would be nice to explain interfacing.

Thank you.

  • Hi Oliver,

    The PCM1794A will be limited performance wise by the DRV603 and we recommend that you look at the OPA16XX series op amps to create the output stage for the PCM1794A to utilize the PCM1794A's performance. There is a section in the data sheet that gives example I/V stage and differential to single ended.

  • Yes, I saw that latter, but, according to PC1794A, page 18 and/or OPA1612 page 18 I will need 3 ICs OPA1612 and that would be little bit much, right? because there is no OPA with 6 op-amp but just with two, and, what those pages says I would need 6 op-amps
  • And here is how I draw schematic in relation to suggested in ti documents:


    So, I need 3 pieces of OPA1612 which is 6 op-amp, but I think it could be done with two op-amp, but I am not sure how. Two op-amp should amplify and make unbalanced from balanced signals...

    If anybody have some suggestion, would bi nice.

    For example. DRV603 is line driver with output voltage 2V, and I need to create same with OPA1612.

  • Hi Oliver,

    Since the PCM1794 is a current output part, you will need an I/V stage which will automatically bring your IC count up, then using a DRV603 part after that would degrade the performance of the signal chain as it cannot keep the 132 dB performance the PCM1794 can produce. Why do you want to use the PCM1794? The PCM1789 would be a better choice as it is voltage output and does not require a I/V stage and better matches the performance of the DRV603.

  • Well, my primary goal is to use PCM1794 because of its superior characteristics and after a while I realise it is meaningless to use it with DRV603 so, now, I am considering to use it with OPA1612, but I am not sure how to do interconnections, Is it good to follow application note in OPA1612 page 18? And with it I want to drive some preamp/amp which I built upon LME49830