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How in the world can TI obsolete the Nat Semi LM837? This op amp has outstanding value for money in audio applications. With it's linearizd output stage it will typical give 0.001% THD to 200 K and you get 4 op amps for about 30 cents. What to substitu

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LM837 Quad Audio Op Amp

  • Hello and thank you for your message! Unfortunately this device got caught up in an unavoidable technology process-node end of life. fortunately we can support orders for the device through the LTB date of 28 Sept 16, and can ship product through 28 March 2017. Additionally, TI's OpAmp business has a huge portfolio of newer parts that you can select from. in the case of the LM837, 4-channel parts include the OPA1654 as a close fit. As the LM837 is a bipolar part, if f BJT is a must, then we can suggest the OPA1664 or OPA1604. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your support.
  • Well Jeff, we use about 100K pcs of LM837 per year.

    Some of those op amps you mention are nice op amps but the cynical engineer

    might notice that they are three to four times the price of the LM837 and one might

    infer that is the true reason for LM837's demise. OPA1654 is cheaper but has terrible 1/f noise compared to bipolar parts.

    OPA1664 has some value to me as a designer but not much added value to the customer to justify the much higher price.

    The engineering challenge is to make great sounding product that people can

    actually afford to buy so I think we'd be most likely to go backwards to the 5532 which is also excellent value for money.

    When a company decides to obsolete a core part like the LM837 it makes me try to avoid that companies parts in the future.

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