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Pure Path Studio support for GPIO's on the TAS3208

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I ordered a TAS3208-LC EVM and after some initial hickups and schematic studying I got the EVM up and running.

I also implemented some IIR filters and delay lines using the GUI.

Most work actually was to get the coefficients out of Matlab into a textfile format that PurePath Studio understands

(suggestion to allow an Excel format input or so?)

My plan is to implement a 3-way active cross over for an active speaker system with variable highpass in the bass section dependent on the volume.

There are some great features built in like the RMS measurement.

Another feature I want to build in is a safety feature to allow immediate muting of my audio, controlled with GPIO pins on the TAS3208.

Does the GUI supports the GPIO pins and if not, how can I signal to the DSP that an GPIO pin is activated, muting the audio??

  • Jan,

       The GUI supports configuration of the DSP, but not the overall device since the applications for GPIO use are endless.  The GPIO pins functionality is controlled by the internal controller inside the device. The image source for this controller is part of the PurePath Studio release under the TAS3x0x_microcode child folder.

    You'll need to write the code changes, recompile, and then republish the TAS3208 Framework Component with the new 8051_3208_main.object file.




  • Hi Drew,

    Firstly, I coding TAS3208EVM-LC  via PurePath Studio. Now, I  want  to design another gui (user interface) for controll the  TAS3208EVM-LC from the PC.

    For example; I want to change volume, filter options or another parametres. I think gui can create with visual C++ or C# . But I didn't decide to control the  TAS3208  via  USB or  CONTROL I/O . How can I  simple coding(gui) use C++ or C#?

    Sorry for my english, Thanks...


    Mehmet GUL .

  • Mehmet GUL said:
    How can I  simple coding(gui) use C++ or C#?

    PurePath Studio is shipped with a WhitePaper that describes how to write GUI controls for components.

    Please refer to the 'User Interface Controls on Components Whitepaper' under the following directory.

    <package root install directory>\Texas Instruments Inc\PurePath Studio\Documentation\Application Notes\






    Hi Drew,


    Previously, I asked a question like that  " How can I connect  to TAS3208EVM use another gui from PC?". I solved this problem use  rs232 port. I sent data over rs232 to microcontroller and microcontroller sent received data to  TAS3208EVM  via I2C protocol.

    Now, I want to send  data to TAS3208EVM via USB controller. My TAS3208EVM board has a TUSB3210PM for (usb to I2C). But, I need to  " xxx.dll " for controll the TUSB3210PM from the  gui(user interface) on PC(Windows,Linux). 

    How can I controll the TUSB3210 with gui from the PC?


    Thanks for your interest...



  • Mehmet,

    If I am understanding correctly I believe the question your are trying to ask is 'What is the API for the USB driver PurePath Studio uses to communicate to TUSB3210?'

    The TUSB3210 enumerates as a HID device to Windows, so you can talk to it through standard USB DLLs, however note that the TUSB3210 is a programmable device and that it loads it's image from the attached EEPROM, thus the device doesn't run directly out of ROM.