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TAS3208EVM-LC problem

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Hello. i've just bought an evaluation card(low cost) for the tas3208. I followed the instructions for a quick start but i got no sound at all. Only the pass-thru output is active.

I can monitor datas from the DAC, but the analog output is quiet. I use purepath 1.74 (shipped with the card) and spent 2 hours trying to find a better version (1.78), or some info on TI websites but i missed. Does anybody know how t o activate the DAC1L&R? 



  • nicolas boyer said:
    Does anybody know how t o activate the DAC1L&R?



    DAC1L/R are activated by routing the signal to them in the software. I believe that currently the signal is routed to DAC3, which is used because it has an integrated 24mW amplifier for headphones. PurePath Studio 1.88 is available on the TAS3xxx-PurePath Studio Extranet which is availble to those registered. Please review the schematics included on the CD-ROM for a better understanding of the Signal Path Routing.


  • Thank you drew

    I couldn't find any  parameter to change the output routing. impossible to change register 0x9  from 00 00 00 00  to  00 10 55. I carefully read the datasheets, and i compared to the values used in the i2c properties of the TAS3208 framework. I found that some registers doesn't match.  why?

    Here is my init master configuration:

    ! Set TAS3208 to Master Mode, SAP Normaization ON, 24 bit word size, I2S
    X00 01 01 22 22
    !configure i2c
    X01 00 00 00 40
    !Set Mute Control to Force Off
    X09 00 00 10 55
    ! Set Power Down Control
    X10 00 00 00 F9
    !Set Analog Mux Control
    X12 01 00 00 01
    !Set SPDIF
    X16 A0 42 54 00
    !Set DC dither
    X1d 00 00 00 01


    and here are the  adresse collected from the i2c overview

    # 0 0x0 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Clock and SAP control
    # 1 0x1 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Application version information
    # 2 0x2 8 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Status Register
    # 3 0x3 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 4 0x4 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 5 0x5 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 6 0x6 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Peek/Poke Address
    # 7 0x7 8 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Peek/Poke Data
    # 8 0x8 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Mute Control
    # 9 0x9 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 10 0xa 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 11 0xb 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) PC Start Address
    # 12 0xc 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) GPIO
    # 13 0xd 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Master Mute
    # 14 0xe 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 15 0xf 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Master Download
    # 16 0x10 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Power Down
    # 17 0x11 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Common to all Volume Controls
    # 18 0x12 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) A-Mux Control
    # 19 0x13 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Volume Busy
    # 20 0x14 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 21 0x15 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 22 0x16 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) SPDIF Control
    # 23 0x17 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 24 0x18 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 25 0x19 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 26 0x1a 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 27 0x1b 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 28 0x1c 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 29 0x1d 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 30 0x1e 4 ! (TAS3208AudioApp_1) Reserved
    # 31 0x1f 4 ! (StereoMux_1) MuxSelect

    I just want to start my EVM to be sure it is functionnal, assuming the TAS 3208 framework is correct.


  • nicolas boyer said:
    I found that some registers doesn't match.  why?

    The Datasheet describes the I2C mapping in the ROM code of the device. When you use PurePath Studio to program the TAS3208, it executes out of RAM. Refer to the I2C Overview Window in PurePath Studio for the RAM mapping of the Framework.

    nicolas boyer said:
    I couldn't find any  parameter to change the output routing.

    This is a fully programmable part, meaning that you'll have to use PurePath Studio redo the routing (unless of course you want to write the assembly by hand). I would strongly suggest upgrading to PurePath Studio 1.88b3. This is our latest software package and you will find that the Framework I2C Registers coorelate with the ROM code mapping.


  •  I finally managed to make the tas3208 evm lc working. I upgraded to pp 1.88 b3 and changed the dac routing on the component. Merveilleux! Merci Drew (thanks!)

  • Bonjour,

    Même souci... je n'arrive pas à faire passer un flux via le DSP (uniquement via Pass-through chanel).

    Comment obtenir une update de PurePath Studio à la v1.88b3 ?

    Merci, salutations




  • Salut,

    je m'en suis sorti en portant à 6 le nombre de sorties dans le bloc de sortie et en choisissant un routing sur les sorties 5 et 6.

    Pour obtenir une version plus recente, j'ai fait une demande de logiciel à TI. Ca a pris quelques semaines mais on m'a finalement autorisé à le telecharger.

    Heureux de savoir que tu t'intéresse à cette puce. Sur quel domaine travailles-tu?

    Je cherche à completer un preampli à lampes avec cette puce pour faire du traitement numerique, et aussi de m'en servir comme convertisseur A/N.

    Je serai ravi de pouvoir partager mes experiences avec cette puce avec toi.

    A bientot




  • Salut,

    Tout d'abord merci pour ta solution (6 sortie et utiliser 5/6) je n'y avais pas pensé...
    Ils sont bien gentil TI avec leur process flow utilisant la "pass-through chanel".

    Je travail dans l'audio mais je vais utiliser ce DSP pour générer et réguler un sinus, je l'ai choisi pour ses DAC/ADC et la possibilité de le programmer graphiquement histoire de gagner du temps.

    D'après google on à l'air d'être presque les seules à utiliser cette maquette :-D
    Donc pourquoi pas s'échanger des infos si on trouve quelque chose d'intéressant.

    Mais comme je l'ai dis plus haut je ne l'utilise pas vraiment pour une application audio.

    Merci, bonne journée

    Romain Pugin

  • Hi,


    how can I change the routing of the DAC in the PurePath Software?
    Which DAC belongs to which pin of theDAC-Symbol in PurePath?


    Best regards,


  • Hakan,

    I believe you could change the DAC routing by sending an I2C command 0x12 00 00 00 00 ( instead of 00s, sending the desired analog in/out number)  the first three are for input mux, the last byte is for DAC.  I've never tried it though, since I don't have a 3208 EVM.