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PCM5142: using miniDSP in case 192KHz

Part Number: PCM5142
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: PCM5102, PCM3070, PCM5102A, TLV320AIC3254,


My customer  choosen PCM5142 for next project.

However, they hope to use miniDSP and also have flat responce 10Hz~40KHz +/-1dB.

Would please let us know the following soon?

I had attached file in order to cover my poor english.


Q1  904 cycles  ( it may be same as another poset..)

Would you please let me know the meaning of miniDSP cycles= “904”?

Does that  mean 904 cycles available for 44.1K/48KHz?  Why its  not 1024 cycles?


Q2  available cycles in case fs=192KHz 

PCM5142 has  just one framework : PCM5142App_1.

In case  fs=192KHz,  we can really use 256 cycles?  (254 cycles is OK) Or 904/4=226 cycles?

Q3  DAC(Interpolation)  filter for Frequency response

Can we achieve 10Hz ~ 40KHz +/-1dB even miniDSP Int2xOutROM , as my test resutls at PCM5102 FIR Normalx8/x4/x2/x1 ( see Photo 1)  ?

Would you give me frequency response of Int2xOutROM ? In fact, in case my test results at PCM3070 DAC(  Int2x Out1x) shows  1dB down at 20Hz

and its no good. ( see Photo 2)

So, I think it may be same even though PCM5142. In order to achieve 10Hz~40KHz flat like as  PCM5102A FIR Normal,

we can not use miniDSP, because Normal FIR use x256 cycles ..??

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PCM5142 Question_0409.pptx

  • Hello

    Please allow me add one more question in regard to Q3.



    In the GDE, we use DAC output IntNx_OutROM1.

    Is that equal to Normal x8/x4/x2/x1 Interpolation Filter ( x 256 cycles) in the PCM5142 data sheet/ p22 Table 7 ?

    Also, IntNx_OutROM_sl is equal to Low Latency x8/x4/x2/x1 Interpolation Filter?


    Doesn't  that consume 256 cycles?

    I had changed from DAC to I2S, miniDSP_cycles chhanged from 254 cycles to 167 cycles.( 87 cycles).. please see attached.



    Thankl you for your support,

    Best Regards











  • Hi, Shibatani-san,

    Regarding the questions of the miniDSP cycles, you can find information in this wiki article. Altough the article is specific for the TLV320AIC3254, the information there can be used as reference for the PCM5142.

    The output performance of the PCM5142 should be more similar to the PCM5102 than the PCM3071 so I think there should be no issues getting the requested performance.

     IntNx_OutROM1 componenr corresponds to the normal interpolation filters, the components with The suffix "_sl" corresponds to short latency filters. 

    Best Regards,

      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer


    Dear Mr Melendez


    Thank you for your answer, and sorry the delay of my reply.

    I had tested the frequency responce of PCM5142EVM-U with GDE, and result was as well as PCM5102A.


    Thank you and with my best regards