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TAS5624ADDVEVM: Recommended power supply?

Part Number: TAS5624ADDVEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: PMP11303, , TAS5558, TAS5624

Three questions...

1.  Which of your designs would work best for the TAS5624ADDVEVM board?  Your PMP11303 High Efficiency 350W AC/DC Power Supply Reference Design looked like the perfect choice, but it does not seem to be for sale!?

2.  My ultimate goal is to tri-amplify a small single channel speaker system with it.  I am fairly confident that the chips in the TAS5624ADDVEVM board will do the job, but the evaluation board is not set up for this configuration (2 single ended and 2 bridged amps).  Is it possible for me to modify the board to test exactly what I need, or will I have to settle for getting close, and then designing a board to do exactly what I want?  

3.  I am not familiar with the processing in the tas5558 DCA Processor chip.  It sounds like it should handle my crossover needs...  but will it?  Does it program like Analog's Sigma DSP's with Sigma Studio?

A little background... 30+ years ago I used to design and build power amplifiers mostly as a hobby.  Those same Amps still sound great!  Then life happened... 30 years later I started this project to rekindle those old designs only to discover that parts were no longer made!  So I started research on class D amps and the newer power supplies and digital crossovers and filters and the like.  The whole point of this endeavor was to add electronic crossovers to create a complete power package for some old JBL speakers that were sitting on a shelf... silently!  It turns out that I have a number of friends that would like to update their old speakers too.  So, here we are. Perhaps there is a market for this...

  • James,

    1. The PMP11303 is a reference design and cannot be ordered. That being said, it's design is fully available and you can manufacture one if needed. We currently use the following in our labs when a more permanent power supply isn't available:

    2. The board supports only one PBTL output or Two BTL outputs. Could you explain the purpose of Tri-amping a single speaker? What power level and ohm load are you trying to support?

    3. The GUI of the TAS5558 is available online and will allow you to configure the device EQ, tone. and volume settings through USB. If you would like I can share this with you and you can try it out. Send me an email at adamsidelsky(at)ti(dot)com and I'll get you access.


  • 2. Sorry I wasn't more clear... I have a single speaker box with 3 drivers. Woofer, midrange and tweeter. single ended configuration for the tweeter and midrange, and BTL for the Woofer. Everything is about 8 Ohms. The TAS5558 has Seven Biquad filters Per Channel which I hope will get me the 1100 hz and 3500hz crossover points I need at at least 24 db/octave. For larger systems I will go with 2 TAS5624 Chips configured as 2 BTL and 1 PBTL Outputs. Please let me know if you see any problems with this plan. Thanks, Jim