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TAS5751MEVM: Lost USB driver and control over PurePath EVM motherboard

Part Number: TAS5751MEVM

Hello Support,

For unknown reasons the control over the :PurePath EVM motherboard was lost. When connecting the USB to the computer the Device was 'unknown'. The blue LED next to the USB connector did not lit.
The DFUSB driver was reinstalled according to 3276.TAS1020B Firmware Update Procedure.pdf

The USB-Audio-EVM audio player is now recognized in Windows10 and audio can be played too, because the green audio bar hops up and down (in Windows).
When the USB audio input is selected in PPC software, no audio is played.
When audio is applied to the analoque input, and the input is selected, audio sounds from the speaker.

To install the firmware into the EEPROM the SDA and SCL were grounded, following the instructions in 3276.TAS1020B Firmware Update Procedure.pdf.
When the USB cable was reinstalled in the computer the USB-Audio-EVM driver was still mentioned in the Device list.

When uploading the firmware error screens keep popping up:
Set EEPROM I2C address to 1010000b
Download command failed
Device reset failed. GetLastError = 6.
No DFU found.
Checking Devices in Windows show that the USB-Audio-EVM is still there.

Beside, when selecting an external amplifier in PPC software to configure, I measure no I2C data on the PPC motherboard test pins.
So I guess the EEPROM may not have the right software or is corrupted.

kind regards, Leen

  • Hi Leen,

    As you mentioned, there is some problem in the USB connection on PPCMB. And looks like there is no problem in your firmware program procedure. The USB-LOCK LED is never lit, right? I think it should be hardware issue, probably some IO on the TAS1020 are damaged(e.g. by static electricity...). We have ever met this kind of issue before. Could you please try with another PPCMB board? 

    Best regards,

    Shawn Zheng

  • Hello Shawn,

    After reinstalling the DFUSB driver, the blue LED lits again, the PPCMB can be controlled via the software.
    But audio cannot be played via the USB soundcard of the PPCMB, but using the inline audio connector it plays audio via the TAS5751MEVM.
    Updating new firmware in the EEPROM gives errors as described. And when trying to send I2C data to an external TAS5751 amp, that I2C bus doesnot show data.
    In general to some extend the system functions, but some features dont come up as expected.
    I don't have another PPCMB here unfortunately.

    kind regards, Leen
  • Hi Leen,
    Thanks for the update. There should be some hardware issue in the USB input path. You need to use anoher new PPCMB to get USB input feature.
    When you are trying to send I2C data to an external TAS5751 amp(not EVM), the software is in 'In-System Debugging' or 'In-System Tuning' mode, right? Please apply 4V power to the '4V' red connector on the upper right on the PPCMB. Please find more info in this post about in-system
    Best regards,
    Shawn Zheng
  • Hello Shawn,

    The PPCMB has been connected to another PC also, but it looks indeed that the board is broken.

    This board was bought from Mouser, so may I expect a replacement from TI or Mouser under the warrety conditions ?
    Since I don't know the warrenty policies regarding developer boards.

    Thank you for your help.

    kind regards, Leen

  • HIi Leen,
    I'm sorry to know that. We only support the technical problem here, and don't know anything about the comercial policy, such as warranty... If the board is from Mouser, you need to contact with them about this.
    Best regards,
    Shawn Zheng