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TPA3100D2: Can I use this device to drive 10 to 16 Ohm load from a 12-V supply?

Part Number: TPA3100D2
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Dear Sir,

The TPA3100D2 spec informed that can operate on 10-W/ch into an 8-Ω Load from a 12-V supply.

I’m wondering the TPA31002D2 at 12-V supply, is or not can to support these conditions shown as below tablet?

Do you have any advice for my customer's requirement (or other class-AB devices)? if TPA3100D2 can't support these conditions.

  • Hi Henry,

    There shouldn't be any problem in larger resistance speaker(e.g. 10Ohm or 16Ohm) basically. But you need to know that, given a special PVCC voltage, the max output power is lower with larger load resistance. I notice that the raing power on the speaker is very low, please limit the input signal amplitude to make sure the speakers are not damaged. 

    For this application, you could check TPA3136D2 which is very popular in the lower output power market.

    Best regards,

    Shawn Zheng

  • Hi Shawn,

                    Thanks for your reply. I can find the output power and L/C filter for 4 and 8 ohm speakers in TPA31002D2 datasheet but as you know I need to drive 10 and 16 ohm speakers please help finish the table below,

                    I will limit the input amplitude to prevent the over power to damage the speaker. 

    PVCC (V) 12 12 12 12
    Speaker (ohm) 4 8 10 16
    Output power (W) 15 10    
    L(uH)/C(uF) filter 15/2.2 33/1    



  • Hi Jacky,
    I can't quite understand wether the 'output power' in the table means 1% THD or 10%. For 1% THD and 12V PVCC, the output power is around 7.5W with 8Ohm load and it's around 15W with 4Ohm load. For 10% THD and 12V PVCC, the output power is around 9W with 8Ohm load and it's around 17.5W with 4Ohm load. You can find this info in the Figure 11 and FIgure 12 in the datasheet. We don't have the validation data for 10Ohm and 16Ohm load, becasue they are not typical applications. According to our experience, the output power for 1% THD/16Ohm/12V PVCC is around 3.8W and it is around 4.5W for 10% THD/16Ohm/12V PVCC.
    For the LC filter, please refer to this document and design tool:
    Best regards,
    Shawn Zheng