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TAS3251EVM: TAS3251, TAS3251EVM

Part Number: TAS3251EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TAS3251, , MSP-EXP430FR2433


I have a few questions regarding the TAS3251 and TAS3251EVM

I would like to use the TAS3251 with the TAS5756. They are connected both with I2S inputs and also I2C. Both work by turning them off and on; the memory is kept only on the TAS3251.

The I2C addresses are W98 x the 5756 and W94 for the 3251.

Using the TAS3251EVM evaluation card MPS430, can it manage two different TAS with different addresses?

What would you suggest as a solution? Does MPS430 have a pre-program option by default for basic commands like volume, input select, mute?

About the TIMSP430 micro-controller: the functions as per Figure 5. TAS3251EVM Schematics (2 of 6) SW-MUTE SW-VOLUP -VOL DN ... and so on, are already set up in the micro-controller or do they need programming for each installed component?

Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Eugrnio,

    Yes the MSP430 would be able to handle both devices if the code was modified. Currently it will write to only the TAS3251 with the specified register map content that is compiled into the MSP430 code. The volume is also specifically designed for the TAS3251 volume control, and would need modification to work with the TAS5756.

    If you are looking to create a design with the TAS3251, TAS5756, and an MSP430 this would not be an issue. The MSP430 would easily handle this design, and depending on the I/O you need and the FLASH size (how many coefficient sets do you want to store?) you could use a smaller/cheaper MSP430.

    If you are looking to modify the current TAS3251EVM code, it would be fairly simple to add register configuration and mute of the TAS5756 to the current MSP430 code, but the volume control is a little more complex. It currently reads the volume from the TAS3251 and adjusts accordingly in the requested direction. The TAS5756 will have volume set in a different registers location.

    I am working on releasing the code for the TAS3251EVM MSP430, but it is not ready yet.

  • Hi Justin.

    Thank you for your answer.
    Waiting for the code for the TAS3251EVM MSP430, I'll tell you about my projects, which are all based on I2S digital input TAS Amplifiers, various systems with stereo, mono, bi-amplification, four-amplification configurations.
    I designed a stereo version with a single TAS and a dual mono version with two TAS5756, and I would also like to make a stereo version of the TAS3251. As well as a dual mono version always with TAS3251.
    The architecture of the internal miniDsp is very satisfying and offers a lot of flexibility, perfect for what I would like to achieve, abandoning my old projects with DSP. I found that the quality of the TAS is much higher and it would be perfect to have an MSP430 micro-controller with pre-set codes to make projects more flexible and faster.
    Let me know what you think.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Eugenio,

    This sounds like a a perfect application with our Class-D parts and an MSP430. Our GUI's allow you to export a header file in C code of the I2C register values once you have configured the device the way you would like. The header file also comes with some instructions on how you can read through the data structure. Depending on the memory available in your chosen MSP430 you could have a number or different audio profiles. I unfortunately do not have the code ready and approved to be released. Please take a look at guides such as this app note:

    While it is on an older GUI and device, the process is similar.

  • Thank you Justin.

    I've got the emulator MSP-EXP430FR2433.

    Would it be useful for the case?



  • Eugenio,

    Yes you should be able to use that to accomplish as Justin suggested above.


  • Hi,

    Thank you for the reply. Would it be possible to get the Gerber files of the TAS3251EVM ?



  • Hi Justin,
    I'm not being able to connect MSP430. It does communicate initially but then shows the following error:

    TI MSP430 USB1/MSP430
    Error connecting to the target:
    Unknown device

    Any suggestion?
    Thank you

  • Hi,

    I finally solved the above errore installing CSS.V6.



  • Hi Eugenio,

    Thank you for the update, please create a new thread with any new questions.