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TLV320AIC23: TLV320AIC23BP no headphone output

Part Number: TLV320AIC23


I have problems to configure a TLV320AIC23BP to output stereo output to a headphone. I get just high frequent beeping.
The TLV320AIC23BP is connected as slave to a STM32 using the „MSB first, left aligned“ format, full duplex. According to my logic analyses, the digital input to the TLV320AIC23BP looks fine (16 bit data, each channel starts with MSB on the edges of LRCIN; a master clock is connected to MCK). LHPOUT and RHPOUT are connected to a headphone, LOUT and ROUT are left unconnected. I never saw any signal on DOUT. I output a 20Hz sawtooth to from the STM32 to the TLV320AIC23BP for testing.
I’m quite certain, that I got the general setting of a register in the TLV320AIC23BP via I2C right, because when I set the OUT (Output) bit in the Power Down Control register, the beeping stops.
I’ve configured the TLV320AIC23BP as following (in the same order as listed):
The Analog Audio Path Control is set to:
 - Side Tone disabled (STE = 0)
 - DAC select (DAC = 1)
 - Bypass disabled (BYP = 0)
The Digital Audio Path Control is set to:
 - DAC soft mute disabled (DACM = 0)
 - De-emphasis control disabled (DEEMP[1:0] = 00)
 - ADC high-pass filter enabled (ADCHP = 0)
The Power Down Control is set to:
 - Device power On (OFF=0)
 - Clock on (CLK=0)
 - Oscillator off (OSC=1)
 - Outputs on (OUT=0)
 - DAC on (DAC=0)
 - ADC on (ADC=0)
 - MIC on (MIC=0)
 - Line input off (LINE=1)
The Digital Audio Interface Format register is set to:
 - slave mode (MS=0)
 - DAC left/right swap disabled (LRSWAP=0)
 - DAC left/right phase = Right channel on, LRCIN high (LRP=0)
 - Input bit length is 16 bit (IWL[1:0]=00)
 - Data format is MSB first, left aligned (FOR[1:0]=00)
Digital Interface Activation register is finally set to 0x01
Does this looks reasonable? What could cause the beeping? Any idea what might be wrong here?
Thanks in advance,