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TAS3251: TAS3251 I2S Input (As Slave) Not Working

Part Number: TAS3251


My TAS3251EVM is not working. The configuration I set for the TAS3251EVM is as below:

  1. TAS3251EVM as slave device (I2S)
  2. The I2S master is from my ADAU1701 (Master) - providing the MCLK, BCLK, SDIN and LRCK to the TAS3251EVM
  3. J37 - OUT (AIB I2S)
  4. J30 - SDOUT

And my Purepath3 config is as shown in the image below:

I manage to play the sound from the Checking and the USB (playing a mp3), but cannot get the I2S to work. Please advice. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Kwan,

    Are you able to verify that you can see the correct MCLK, BCLK, LRCK, and Data on the right test points between the J9 connector and the heatsink?

    Are you able to get the EVM working with any other input?

  • Hi Justin,

    I managed to get it work. I was too young, too simple, too dump to use it at first. Basically, what I did is as shown below:

    1. TAS3251EVM On-Board Setting
      - Refer to the picture below
      - Make sure it's under Master Mode (Even though your TAS3251EVM is acting as slave for the I2S Side)
        -> J35 - open/OUT
        -> J22 - Master Mode
        -> J37 - open/OUT

    2. Purepath 3 Setting
      - Choose the AIB Connector
      - The Sampling Frequency depends on your I2S Master (My Case: 44.1kHz)
      - I try to upload the PP3 setting into a file for you to test out as well

      My Purepath 3 Setting File (Just Open it in your Purepath 3)
    3. I2S Input - Oh yeah, GND!
      - Refer to this link for the schematic: - Find out the J28 Connector Part => EXTERNAL I2S (AIB)
      - For who too lazy to find, please refer to the image below for reference
      - Make sure your I2S Master GND and the TAS3251EVM GND are connected!

      Well, everything should work out right now~ Cheers!

  • Hi Kwan,

    Thanks for the update, glad you got it working. I know things can be a bit confusing on the EVM. We are still working on the full EVM users guide. The Slave mode jumper is meant for when using two TAS3251EVMs together for something like a stereo 1.1 system.

  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the effort! I see the TI is coming out with lots of new TAS chips, we are currently trying out a few as well, from TAS5756 to TAS3251 and now TAS5825. I think it takes time for the complete tutorial or users guide to come out all at once. All the best! If you need any info or help from our side, we are more than welcome to help :-)