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TAS5086 VALID2 output stuck at 0V.

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I'm using the TAS5162DDV6EVM. I have a clean, stable 12V, 5V, and 3.3V on the board. PVDD @ 48V is also stable.

VR_DIG and VR_ANA  have a good 1.8V.

I have no problems reading and writing to the TAS5086.


SCLK = 6.144MHZ (64*FS)

MCLK = 0V (pulled low, using auto-detect with internal PLL)

OTW = 3.3V

SD = 3.3V

VALID2 = 0V (here's the problem)


The SE outputs are at 12V with respect to ground. The BTL outputs are at 1.4V with respect

to ground. The same condition persists with the USB input board (supplied with TAS5162DDV6EVM)

as well as my logic board (designed by myself, uses microcontroller and TAS3103A). With the USB input

board the ERROR STATUS REGISTER was read as 0x00 (no errors).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 






  • Hi, Josh,

    Our parts start-up in shutdown. Have you enabled the device?

    There is a box for all channel shutdown in the gui which corresponds to the following table in the d/s:

    Table 7. System Control Register 2 (0x05)

    D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 FUNCTION

    – 1 X – – – – – All channels are shut down (hard mute).

    – 1 1 – – – – – All channels are shut down (hard mute). VALID1 = 0 and VALID2 = 0

    – 0 1 – – – – – When D6 is deasserted, all channels are started. VALID1 = 1 and VALID2 = 1

    – 0 0 – – – – – When D6 is deasserted, all channels not belonging to shutdown group 1 are started.

    VALID1 = 0 and VALID2 = 1


    Also, I'm confused about your statement of no MCLK. the device needs an MCLK to do audio. If there is no MCLK, the I2C bus still works so you can program it (set it up initially, etc), but in order to play audio, you need a valid MCLK.