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TLV320AIC3256EVM-U: DSP code and download firmaware

Part Number: TLV320AIC3256EVM-U
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: PUREPATHSTUDIO, TLV320AIC3256


We are using the TLV320AIC3256EVM-U with our application and it works well but we still need to add two capabilities:

1. Setting the ADCs sampling clks to 8KHz by the host CPU via the I2C, Currently we can do it by the PC and the PC application via the USB. Please  your help for guide me to do that.

2. We are interested to download an LPF up to about  3.5KHz code, to the on chip DSPs, The LPFs  will be located  before the ADCs as anti aliasing filter in order to remove higher frequencies and noises and  let mainly voice BW to be sampled by the ADCs . I saw in the application notes references that there is an existed code for these  DSPs so it implements the requested LPF.  Can you help to  get this code and guide me how can I download it to the IC internal DSPs?


  • Hi Collin,

    in my TLV320AIC evaluation board have option to downloads firmware for several sampling rate by several BIN files(like image)

    its possible to download it to TLV320AIC (no EVM) without PPS? by I2C or another way?

  • Kobi,

    Yes,  if you go to the TLV320AIC3256EVM-U product page.  Click "software"   and you will see this:

    Download the Audio converter firmware. 

    The program used for updating the firmware is admittedly a little buggy.  The instructions attached must be followed exactly.

    best regards,

    -Steve Wilson


  • Hi,
    i know this way but its not what me ask ...
    I want to updating firmware without the USB, no for EVM board, i want to update the firmware for TLV320AIC codec by I2C or another way,
    please see what i ask you:

    "its possible to download it to TLV320AIC (no EVM board) without PPS? by I2C or another way?"
  • Kobi,

    I'm still not sure what you are asking. The only way the codec is programmed is by I2C. When PPS is programming the TLV320AIC3xxx devices, it does so through I2C. when you "generate code" in PPS There is a .cfg file that is created in the working directory. That .cfg contains all of the register writes necessary. Both PPS or the TLV320AIC3256EVM GUI interface with the TAS1020B USB processor, and that processor writes to the Codec using I2C. outside of PPS, or the GUI the Codec can be programmed via I2c by any processor that is able to communicate via I2C.

    Every time the TLV320AIC3xxx devices are powered up, or brought out of reset, they must be programmed again. so when you say "firmware" I assumed you meant the firmware for the TAS1020B which generates the I2S Clocks the TLV320AIC device uses in slave mode on the EVM.

    -Steve Wilson
  • Hi Steve,
    I explain my ask,
    I have a EVM board - for working in 8Khz i download "firmware" by audio converter firmware program(TAS1020B) i not understand how its working, because if its only configure the register of AIC device how this configure saved on reset? the all of registers in reset return to default values.
    so how the sampling rate stay on 8khz after reset?
    secondly - if its only configure of registers in AIC device can you tell me how i can to receive this configuration, or when i can see this configure?
  • Kobi,

    The Codec must configured every time it is brought out of reset. the "firmware" is only for the TAS1020B. you must program the TLV320AIC3256 manually, or if you have a separate processor you can have that processor do it automatically on power up.

    does that make sense?

    it may help if you explain your steps one by one.

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
  • Hi Steve,
    I understand now how the EVM working after reset(by TAS1020B)
    Can you specify the configuration for working in 8khz sampling rate? which registers and parameters?

    Another quotation is refer to the DSP FIR filter using the PPS, how can we configure the FIR filter?
    We are interested to configure it as anti aliasing filter voice filter 200Hz to 3.8Kz before the ADC.

    The PPS is graphical development environment, I found that I can select an icon of FIR filter but where can the coefficient can be calculated and configured for the FIR to be downloaded to the Codec's DSP?

  • Kobi,

    1. If you are using PPS, the Clock Configuration will be set for you. you just need to enable the 8khz Sample rate, and then set the Current rate to 8khz. If you need further help outside of the EVM, please provide more details about your setup, MCLK frequency, Data format, Word length, etc...

    2. Every filter in the DSP will occur after the ADC. That makes sense right? The FIR filter in PPS is configured by clicking on the FIR filter block, and setting the number of Taps in the properties window, then each coefficient can be set, with all unused taps set to 0.
    you can right click any block and select help for more info. The FIR filter block is no exception.

    best regards,
    -STeve wilson