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Linux/TLV320AIC33: Listen to Multi Speaker

Part Number: TLV320AIC33
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV320AIC3106

Tool/software: Linux


I have a problem and dont know how i can do. I can play a .wav file on am335x Starter Kit.

I want to play two different sound file. I want to listen to the first music sound from the left and listen to the second music sound from the right?

  • Owl,

    From the perspective of the Codec, you only have two channels to work with. so the processor would need to send the sound files to the codec such the data from sound file A was sent to the LEFT DAC while the data from sound file B was sent to the right DAC. if the sound files are stereo, they would need to be converted to mono audio first.

    can you provide more details about what your situation is?
    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
  • Thanks for answer,

    There are 2 outputs of the Codec, i want to output the first music sound HPLOUT(Left HeadPhone) and to output from the second music sound HPROUT(Right HeadPhone).
    How can i configure? Aplay, Alsa configure or anything?
  • Owl,

    There is a very old driver for the AIC3x devices.

    I'm able to help with the hardware configuration, but the driver is not something I have any insight into.

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
  • I am sorry, i couldn't answer to you.

    I did resource about sound file and sound working mechanism. Tthere is a tlv320aic3106 module on the am335x starterkit. I want to take sound from each output (HLPOUT.HLROUT,HLPCOM,HPRCOM) but i dont know how can i configure them? Could you help me?

    Best Regards
  • Owl,

    Here is a configuration that assumes that the LEFT DAC output goes to HPLOUT and HPLCOM while the Right DAC output goes to HPROUT and HPRCOM

    power up DACs
    register 37 = 0xc0
    set Left and right DAC volumes
    register 43= 0x00
    register 44 = 0x00

    HPLOUT mixer:
    register 47 = 0x80

    HPLCOM mixer
    register 54 = 0x80

    HPRCOM mixer
    register 71 = 0x80

    HPROUT mixer
    register 64 = 0x80

    power up HPLOUT
    register 51 = 0x0d

    power up HPLCOM
    register 58 = 0x0d

    power up HPRCOM
    register 72 = 0x0d

    power up HPROUT
    register 65 = 0x0d

    best regards,
    -Steve wilson