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TLV320AIC33: SE Line Output

Part Number: TLV320AIC33
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV320AIC3106, , TLV320AIC3107, TSC2117, TLV320AIC3212

Is it reasonable to use LINE_OUT_L+ / LINE_OUT_R+ to provide a stereo SE Line Output via coupling capacitor and RC filter (100 ohm / 47nF) with LINE_OUT_L- / LINE_OUT_R- each terminated via a 10k resistor to ground?

The datasheet didn't indicate if the differential line output drivers can be used in a SE fashion and what (if any) termination is recommended for the unused minus outputs.

  • John, 

    This can be done but is not recommended for the AIC33 as the performance would degrade. 

    The TLV320AIC3106 is Pin to pin compatible with the AIC33 and has a true differential output topology, with the AIC3106 either the + or - pin can be connected SE and then the other pin can be left floating.  If this is something you would want,  I suggest using the AIC3106. 

    best regards

    -Steve Wilson

  • Thanks ... the TLV320AIC33 datsheet notes a 500mW BTL speaker drive capability when using the high power outputs in pairs.

    The TLV320AIC3106 notes a BTL capability but doesn't mention the wattage. Does it have a similar drive capability?

    I'm aware of the TLV320AIC3107, however I'm using SPI.

  • John,

    The AIC33 is going to be the only device that combines SPI and the 500mW BTL speaker drive capability.  

    you can always buffer the line outs with an opamp, to convert from diff to SE,  otherwise you can load the negative pin with a similar load to the positive pin.  and accept the decrease in performance. 

    If you don't need both ADCs and package size isn't a huge deal,  the TSC2117 could be used.  you could simply ignore the touchscreen controller portion of the device.  Or you could also use the TLV320AIC3212. 

    best regards,

    -Steve Wilson