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PCM5141: PCM5141 and PPC1 using issue

Part Number: PCM5141


I'd like to use PCM5141 to output mono audio signal, here's my question:

1. Can PPC1 setup mono output? i didn't find out how.

2. I have tried GDE, but also can't find mono output.

So can PCM5141 output mono signal?


Best regards

Mason Liu

  • Hi Mason,

    There are two ways to do this:

    1. You can set the data path for the channels to be the same:

    Though this is not really a mono-mix, rather it just allows both outputs to play the same input channel.  This is useful if your I2S source is already mono.

    2. Create a simple process flow that applies a mono-mix.



  • Hi Paul,

    Can we change the mono output by I2C memory tool or MCU in real-time?

    Details as below:

    I find the register by component interface:

    And using I2C memory tool to get the value: 0xFF means mono, 0x00 means stereo.

    But i can't change the value, I2C tool memory tool can't, MCU also can't.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    Best regards

    Mason Liu

  • Hi Mason,

    I believe I answered this for Holly already:

    If you are trying to switch between mono and stereo in operation, you need to implement a process flow with a mux:

    Then you need to configure the PCM to use the process flow using one of the static channels selected:

    In order to implement this, your I2C master must do the following steps:

    1. Issue a standby request - the DSP memory is not accessible unless the device is in standby mode.

    2. Program the coefficient memory - this process flow requires 9 coefficients. CHANNEL 1 (mono) is selected, for example

    3. Program the instruction memory - this process flow requires 59 instructions.

    4. Select program 31 (the custom Process Flow program) 

    5. Exit standby operation

    The DAC is now operating in mono mode.  

    When you want to switch to stereo, you just need to update the coefficients and instructions that are different.  If you look at the two files I generated in the zip, you will see that only coefficient 5 is different. 

    1. Issue a standby request

    2. Update only coefficient 5

    3. Exit standby

    The device is now in stereo mode.

    base_main_Rate44 MONO-STEREO

    Hope this helps.