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TLV320AIC3254EVM-K: TLV320AIC3254EVM-K and Purepath VAD + AGC configuration

Part Number: TLV320AIC3254EVM-K

Hi Gents, 

I'm using the TLV320AIC3254EVM-K board in order to test functionalities of the TLV regarding AGC and voice detection.

I'm using PurePath studio in order to check thos functionalities, and I've got 2 questions regarding my process flow :

- is there a graphic way to adjust the parameters of the AGC?

- About the VAD function, which block can I use to connect the VAD block in order to let the audio pass or not?



  • Hi Bruno, 

    I have looped in our algorithm expert, but I know you can connect this to a GPIO output component that could be used as an interrupt,  but our expert would be more familiar with any internal routing that is possible. 

    best regards,

    -STeve Wilson

  • HI Steve, good to know, i was expecting that this could be handle internally by the TLV, lets  wait for your expert feedback.

    Thanks for your help



  • Hi, 

    another question is regarding the I2S output, the framesync got a frequency of 44kHz, is there a way to reduce it?I've checked the ''clocks/interface'' tab on thre AIC3254 CSapplication but no modification on the signal.

    my module to be connected to the TLV got a configuratble frame sync of 8,16 or 32kHz, the alternative is to configure the TLV as slave but I didn't find how to configur the TLV in slave mode, if you can assist.

    About the VAD I've tried the following process but i've got a build error, i guess the VAD got an output from -1//1 and the GPIO is not handling it...



  • Hi Bruno,

    The USB Firmware has to be updated to change the sample rate of the EVM. AIC3254CS has a EEPROM writer utility (under Tools section), which can be used to update the USB Firmware to a different sample rate other than 44.1 kHz. The latest firmware is available here (

    In PPS, each component is associated with either miniDSP_A or miniDSP_D. The only exceptions are interDSP components which transfer data from one DSP to the other. It is illegal to connect two components which are one different DSPs. I think the error you are observing is because of this. Please right click on the component and select properties and check if the TargetProcessor property for the VAD and GPIO is consistent.


  • Hi Diljith,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've changed the board firmware PCM is now running at 16kHz, but how can i switch it into slave mode?

    About the GPIO, it is fine, the process is now compiling and running on the EVM board, but the GPIO output still not mooving when I'm speaking, i just got some regular pulses (63us every 2.4ms). If you can suggest what i can check, bellow the configuration of my GPIO block :


  • Hi Gents,

    Sorry to bother you, but If someone can assist about what could be the reason why my GPIO is not working as expected.



  • Hi Bruno,

    Since we are addressing the GPIO/VAD issue through a new thread (, I am closing this one.

    Best Regards.