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TLV320AIC3101EVM-K: Can't corretly install the driver, I tested on win7 and xp

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3101EVM-K


I got this EVM recently, and plug in usb. But I can't correctly install the driver. the driver I used is from TI website as below. I tested on win7 and xp, but all failed【report that:"can't find the driver file"】. please suggest if something need to pay attention.  thanks.

Also tried the english path, result is the same. 

  • Yue Tang,

    Please take a look at the thread below and see if it helps you resolve your situation:


    best regards,
    -steve wilson
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    Hi Steve,

    I fully followed below instructions  on a winxp ,but always showed "unknown".  I removed the "unkown device" in WDM. and tried below at least 3 times. each time, I plug in the USB, it also showed find a new device and try to install the driver, then fail. it is a bit frustrating. my customer also met the same problem. 

    can you double check if this driver is no problem? it is a bit urgent.

    1. USB-MODEVM_vista&7.inf

    2. USB-MODEVM_WDM.inf

    Instructions for installing these files:

    USB-MODEVM_vista&7.inf Installation:
     To apply the contents of this file to a system's settings, right-click
     this file and choose "Install". If the device was plugged in before this
     file is installed, the device will need to be removed from the "Unknown
     Devices" class in the Windows Device Manager.


    USB-MODEVM_WDM.inf installation:

    To apply the contents of this file to a system's settings, copy this file
     to %SystemRoot%\inf and reboot the computer. If the device was
    installed before this file is copied, the device will need to be removed
    from the "Unknown Devices" class in the Windows Device Manager.

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    "USB-MODEVM_vista&7.cat" . Where can I find this file. Should this file be included in driver?
  • In reply to Yue TANG:

    "USB-MODEVM_vista&7.cat" where do you see this file?
    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
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    does your USBMODEVM show up in the device manager?

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
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    No..still show as “unknown” in device management. I seriously doubt the driver ‘s correction. Both my customer and I failed to install the driver on all  kinds of windows systems,even include the virtual machine . Would you please try the driver on a clear windows system which not install this driver before.if ok,please share the driver you correctly installed.thanks.

  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    You can see this from the "USB-MODEVM_vista&7.inf"

    Signature=$WINDOWS NT$

  • In reply to Yue TANG:

    Yue TANG,

    This Driver will work on Windows vista, or windows 7. It will also work on windows 10 if the Signature checking is disabled.

    I am positive that the driver works as I have it installed on my machine running windows 7, and I've helped many customers install it on other windows vista, 7 and 10 machines.

    your USBMOD-EVM might have corrupted firmware, but I wouldn't expect that if the EVM is new. If it has been used with other TI EVMs, like the TLV320AIC3254, the Firmware is different, so the GUI would not recognize the board

    IF you are confident that you have followed the Driver installation correctly and it is still not working, I would recommend reinstalling the Firmware.

    Instructions are in the thread below:

    The Instructions must be followed very closely. DFUTEST is admittedly a little glitchy. if you follow the instructions as written, you will be fine.

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
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    The Board is new. I tried the instructions about 20 times, also stucked at the step 5. Maybe the board is broken. I will get a new one to try.
  • In reply to Yue TANG:


    you must unplug the USB cable first, then short SDA and SDL, then plug the board in, start the software, and once the software opens, remove the short.

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson