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TAS5766M: I2S data error correction/recovery

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Part Number: TAS5766M

Hi team,

My customer is using TAS5766M in their speaker application and recently encounter an issue of no output when performing a AC off/on while the video and audio still streaming.

Their analysis suspect that the decoded I2S audio signal from the scalar was not stable after the monitor AC off-on. In the event of this unstable/corrupted I2S clk/data, will our TAS5766 triggers the protection mechanism which muted the audio output, and the audio amp remain in this audio mute state. When they disable the I2S clk/data, and then re-enable this output to our audio again, it will recover from teh ute state and the audio output is available.

So, does the TAS5766 has theis audio mute mechanism in teh event of not stable / corrupted I2S signa, and how it will auto recover when the I2S signal is back to normal.


SK Loo

  • Hi Sai,

    TAS5766 can auto recover if I2S clocks go back to be stable again. 

    When the speaker cannot output music, please use fault register to see what fault occurs in TAS5766. Please refer to the datasheet for register.


    Alix Wan.

  • In reply to Alix Wan:

    Hi Alix,

    May I know which fault register we should look at?

    Or you means we read all the registers status to find out which fault occur?

    For using PPC3 to read, I assume you refer to going into "End System Integration" and choose the "In-System Debugging" to read the register? We still need the PPCMB to connect the SDA/SCL/GND to the chip in customer end system?


    SK Loo

  • In reply to Sai Loo:

    Hi SK Loo,

    Please refer to page 53 of the datasheet. 

    • When I2S clocks recover, PLL will be locked, hence, you can ask customer to read 0x04 register to see whether PLL is locked.

    • When clocks are missing or wrong, clock error occurs, which makes TAS5766 enter into standby mode. Customer can 
      • page 67, read 0x5B, 0x5E to see whether clocks error


    Alix Wan.

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