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INA137: Differential Voltage Range

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Part Number: INA137

Hi sir,

For the item of "differential voltage range" is "see serial curve" in datasheet, but because the table is not found, can you tell the differential input voltage range?

Also, the "common mode voltage range" "3(V–)+3~3(V+)–6" exceed power supply voltage, 

Can I use Differential Voltage Range in the same case of beyond power supply voltage?

e.g. Is it possible to get output of 11Vp-p base upon the condition below?

-power supply ±10V


-differential signal input   +20dBu( 22Vp-p:+IN 11Vp-p, -IN 11Vp-p)

I think it's possible to use it in the same way due to INA137 is similar to INA592.

is it correct?




  • Hi M123456,

    Thank you for your post, I can help you. The INA137 is similar to the INA592/597 in that it can accept common mode voltages beyond the power supply. The reason the input common voltage range has that 3 multiple is because of the resistor divider formed by the 12k and 6k resistors. This created a 1/3 voltage divider. 

    The output swing on the INA137 is with respect to the power supply rails. According to the datasheet, the output swing is 1.8V from either rail. 

    So on a +/-10V supply, your output range is -8.2V to +8.2V.

    If you want to have an input differential voltage of 22V and get an output of 11V using the INA137 configured in a gain of 1/2, you will need to have a supply of +/-13V.

    -Tamara Alani
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