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PCM2903C: Ambient Temp and AGND

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Part Number: PCM2903C

Happy Friday team, 

I have a few questions regarding the PCM2903C:

  1. There is some discrepancy in the operating voltage of the device. In some areas it says the low end operating temp is 0C, and for others it says -25C. Can we confirm which is the lower boundary?
  2. The datasheet mentions using AGND star pattern but the dev kit does not implement this. When should we use / not use an AGND star ground implementation.



  • Hi AH,

    0C is our minimum recommended operating temperature, but you will notice that in many of our curves we do provide data down to -25C and operation down to -25C is not expected to damage the device. In our absolute maximum ratings table you can see that the minimum temperature past which damage is expected to occur is actually -40C.

    Though I did not design this EVM, this was likely an oversight as generally we try to design our EVMs to reflect our best practices. Star connections to AGND are recommended for best performance and to avoid any ground impedance mismatch issues, but as shown in the EVM this is not something that makes or breaks functionality. It is just a recommended best practice for preserving optimal performance.




    Zak Kaye
    Precision Data Converter Applications