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TAS2563YBGEVM-DC: TAS2563 EVM Not Work with 0x9C+0x9E Slave Addresses

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Part Number: TAS2563YBGEVM-DC

Hi Sirs,

With the same TAS2563 CFG of 0x98+0x9A and 0x9C+0x9E. The TAS2563 EVM works with slve addresses of 0x98 and 0x9A, but no sound with 0x9C+0x9E.
The TAS2563 devices can send ACK with the 0x9C and 0x9E, Class-D PWM is running but no sound.

Would you pls review the encosed CFGs to provide tips to bring up the TAS2563 with 0x9C and 0x9E?
We generated 0x9C and 0x9E codes with PPC3 GUI:

0x98 + 0x9A Hardware Setup - Ext I2S ASI. I2C ACK + Class-D amp works normally

Class-D PWM waveforms - Sounds normally

0x9C + 0x9E Hardware Setup:  - Ext I2S ASI. I2C ACK, Class-D PWM is running but no sound 

Class-D PWM waveform - No sound

Thank you and Best regards,

Wayne Chen

0x98+0x9A CFG

0x9C+0x9E CFG