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PCM9211: DSD

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Part Number: PCM9211

Hi team,

Figure 36 on page 53 of PCM9211 datasheet describes the output of DSD from main port

1) Can DSD signal be input from MPIO_C port and output from MPIO_B port?

2) The clock signal of DSD shown in Fig. 36 passes through DIT. Input DSD signal from MPIO_C port. If MPO0 or MPO1 is turned on, can coaxial audio signal also be output?

Best Regards,
Amy Luo

  • Hi Amy,

    From the datasheet I do not believe that MPIO_B can serve as a DSD output port and unfortunately I do not have a DSD source to try and test this. It looks to me like the DSD signal is only used to feed back to the DIR to generate a cleaner version of SCLK. You could enable the MPO paths, but I don't think you will see valid audio data out.




    Zak Kaye
    Precision Data Converter Applications