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TLV320AIC3104-Q1: schematic review and qeusitons

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3104-Q1

Hi team,

could you help review TLV320AIC3104-Q1 schematic? customer application is 1-ch MIC input , 1-ch audio output.

and, I alos would like to know what's the maxmium operate power consumption during full operating temepratue?


  • Hello Betty,

    Please find my comments on the schematic below:

    Power Supplies

    • Power Supply decoupling looks good. Please make sure the capacitors are placed as close to the device as possible.
    • Note that there is a recommended power supply sequence to be followed. Please refer to Section 12 in the data sheet.


    • Unused inputs should be AC coupled to GND via 0.47uF capacitor. In order to possible save board space and small cost, the unused inputs can be tied together and terminated to GND via a single 0.47uF capacitor. 


    • Due to Out of Band Noise, we recommend that there be a low pass filter with a cutoff frequency around 22kHz to 30kHz, especially if connecting to a Class-D amplifier

    Digital Interface

    • I see there are 0ohm resistors in series with the digital interface pins. We recommend adding a small resistance there about 22-33ohms to help with ringing and overshoot. 

    As for maximum power consumption, we can generally follow:

    • AVDD max current 20mA
    • DVDD max current 15mA
    • DRVDD max quiescent current 20mA however the total current would depend upon the actual load current delivered to headphone or lineout load.

    Ultimately, power consumption will depend on the load to DRVDD as well as what internal blocks are being used. There is a table in the data sheet which states some common device configurations and it's power consumption. Note that it does not display all the possible combinations but they can be used to get approximations. 



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    Many thanks Aaron.