TAS2770EVM: TAS2770EVM problem with USB audio communication

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Part Number: TAS2770EVM

We have multiple TAS2770EVM boards. One of these boards has stopped working. We use a 12 VDC 2A PSU and connect the board to a PC using the USB cable. We use the same PSU for another TAS2770EVM board and this board works fine. The boards have identical jumper settings. The defective board shows up in “Texas Instruments USB Audio Device Control Panel” as a two channel board with a sample rate of 8000 Hz. The working board shows up as an eight channel board with a sample rate of 48000 Hz.
In PPC the defective board shows up and we can “Connect” to it as well as “Power up”. After about a minute, the defective board drops out, it is no longer connected in PPC and in “Texas Instruments USB Audio Device Control Panel”, it is also no longer connected. It helps to remove power from the board and power it up again.
We are not able to playback audio through the defective board. The ASIO control panel hangs and the board drops out.

We want to return it to Mouser but they have requested that you help us verify that the board is defective. Is there anything we can do to reset the board? Otherwise it must be defective.
Do you have any idea what could cause such a defect?
Maybe electrostatic discharge?
What enclosures do you recommend for the board?

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