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TPA3255: How to use only two channels

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Part Number: TPA3255

What I mean by "use only two channels" is to leave one of the output pairs unpowered.  For example, do not supply power to PVDD_CD.

I have a prototype board that I designed to work on Stereo BTL  (M1 and M2 connected to GND), but I left the two PVDD power supplies independent, so that I can just use the pair A, B as a differential amplifier and leave C and D unused;  in which case, I would want to leave them unpowered, so that they do not waste power switching the outputs to produce at 0V signal that I'm not using.

When I do that, the CLIP signal activates.  I didn't try feeding audio to A,B and listening to it — maybe it will just work?  (however, it would be unfortunate that the CLIP functionality is rendered inactive;  when there _is_ clipping or overheating on the pair A, B, I will not know, since the CLIP signal is always active)

Is there something else I need to do or configure to use the chip in this manner?