Which ultra low-power ADC to convert audio to WAV and save to microSD card

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I continue to learn audio and now I'd like to use ADC to convert analogue audio to digital and then save it as WAV files to microSD card (eventually).

I looked at AIC111 (audio codec), some ADC's and then at MSP430FR6005 mcu which also has ADC built-in. And I have no idea what would be the most power efficient way of doing all this.

Can you please point me at right direction please?

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  • Hi Alex,

    The AIC111 is a voice band codec - is your ultimate goal to capture/record and playback voice messages?  We don't have any ADC's in our portfolio that will directly capture audio to a WAV file or store data on an SD card, so you might just want to stay with the SD24 on the MSP430FR6005.  Here is an app note that you might find useful.