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[FAQ] TLV320AIC3100: AK4637 Cross Reference Replacements and Upgrades

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3100


We are looking for cross reference replacements for the AK4637 for both the commercial and automotive versions. What mono codec with integrated speaker amplifier does TI have to recommend?

  • The TLV320AIC3100 is with 91dB mono ADC, 95dB stereo DAC and integrated mono speaker amplifier supporting 2.5W @ 4ohm audio codec device is a suitable replacement of AK4637.

    For automotive applications, TLV320AIC3109-Q1 mono codec (92dB ADC and 102dB DAC) device along with TPA2005D1-Q1 (1.4W @ 8ohm) speaker amplifier are suitable replacements for the AK4637.

    The TLV320AIC3120 is programmable DSP device (with pin-2-pin / software / performance compatibility to TLV320AIC3100) is a great upgrade options for AK5384.