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PCM1690-Q1: Unused pin termination

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Part Number: PCM1690-Q1

Hello Team,

I have question about unused pin.

Q. Regarding with DIN1-4 pin, How to terminate these pin? Do we need add pull-down resistor?

Q. Regarding with VOUT1-8+, VOUT1-8-, can these pin left OPEN when unused?

Q. Regarding with MS/ADR0/RSV, TEST/ADR1/RSV, when we set these pin LOW, Can we connect to DGND? (not AGND?)


Yuta Kurimoto

  • Hi Kurimoto-san,

    1. You should connect these to GND if you are not using them.  That can be via resistor if you want, but it is not necessary.

    2. The VOUTx pins can be left floating if unused.

    3. Yes, I recommend connecting them to DGND, but they are not a source of noise so you can connect them to the most convenient ground.  It only matters that they are below the VIL level.



  • In reply to Paul_Frost:

    Hello Paul,

    Let me ask additional question for Q3.

    When we connect the pins(MS/ADR0/RSV, TEST/ADR1/RSV) to DGND, Do we need to use external pull-down resistor?


    Yuta Kurimoto

  • In reply to Yuta Kurimoto:

    Hi Kurimoto-san,

    Pull-down resistors are not required for these pins.  They can be connected directly to ground.