Adaptability of MCLK for TAS2557

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Hi team

When we use PPC3 tool to generate the firmware of TA2557, we choose the MCLK as 24.576 MHz (see attachment MCLK. jpg), and upload the firmware to TAS2557, but the MCLK provided by our CPU to TAS2557 is 12.288MHZ.We find it normal to broadcast in such a setting.

Is my configuration reasonable?Are there any safety hazards in the back?

If not, then how to configure it is normal?

  • Hi Tom,

    It is most likely the device is working fine because these frequencies are exact multiples.
    However I would recommend that if your host is using a different MCLK frequency, you should generate a new configuration based on the new frequency.

    Best regards,
    -Ivan Salazar
    Applications Engineer - Low Power Audio & Actuators

  • Hi Ivan

    I have now set the CPU's MCLK for TAS2557 to 24.576MCLK and found another problem

    I play swept audio source files (20Hz ~ 20KHz), can not play above 3KHz

    When the MCLK of the previous CPU is 12.288 MHz, the sweep audio source can be broadcast to more than 3K Hz

    What is the reason?

  • Hi Ivan
    Frequency sweep audio source :20_20K_61p.wav
    The test results: NA582 V3_MCLK_24_576MHz_SYS with SPK_error message.png

    MCLK changed to 24.576MHz,
    AR rate 48K HZ

    When playing the swept sound file (20_20K_61P.wav), it can only play to close to 3KHz, but cannot play to 20KHz (The error message measured by AP is shown in the attached file below

  • Hello, 

    Does this same issue occur if your CPU is left at 12.288MHz and the PPC3 values is changed to match that instead? 

    Thank you, 
    Justin Beigel