TPA3113D2: Power amplifier

Part Number: TPA3113D2


I have some question about power limit and PVCC rail.

1. I checked the PVCC for supply voltage minimum is 8V from datasheet. Can the PVCC connect 5V?

2. our speaker is 4Ω/2w (continuum) two channel, how to set the plimit value to 2w output?

Attached my schematic for amp for your check.


  • Hi Josh,

    1. We can't guarantee that the device will operate as intended when supplying PVCC lower than 5V.

    2. More details can be found in section 7.3.3 PLIMIT of the TPA3113 datasheet, but you need to calculate what the peak voltage of your output signal is at the limit you want to set. In your case, 4Ω/2w, your peak voltage will be Vp = 4V. The Plimit voltage is 1/4th the peak voltage of the signal (Vp = 4 x Plimit). So Plimit should be set to 1V. 

    As for your schematic, we recommend you adding some 1nF and 0.1uF decoupling capacitors at the PVCC pins. As mentioned in answer 2, you will need to adjust the resistor divider network on GVDD and Plimit to get the right voltage value. Everything else in the schematic looks good. 

    Best Regards, 

    Robert Clifton 

  • Hi Robert,

    thank your strong support.


  • Hi Josh,

    Of course! We are here to help!

    Best Regards,

    Robert Clifton