Look for TI solution to replace ADAU1702

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Hi Expert,

Can you advice the TI solution to replace the ADAU1702.(SigmaDSP 28-/56-Bit Audio Processor with Two ADCs and Four DACs)


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  • Hello Eric,

    At the time of this posting, we don't have an integrated DSP CODEC with 4 output DACs.  That said, a solution could still be created from two products.

    The DSP in the ADAU1702 isn't that advanced compared to some of their more recent offerings and I believe the TLV320AIC3254 or the higher performing TLV320AIC3262 or TLV320AIC3268 will fit the requirements for audio processing.  Both the devices mentioned features a stereo (2-channel) ADC and DAC path.  An additional DAC (or CODEC for additional ADC channels) could be added tot the system to take the output # up to 4.