PCM6360Q1EVM-PDK: record multi-channel audio via ASIO

Part Number: PCM6360Q1EVM-PDK

Please tell me what programs can be used to record multi-channel audio via ASIO? What programming interfaces (API) can be used for this in Windows and Linux, respectively? And what drivers should be installed? Thanks.

  • Hello,

    We're not supposed to directly promote 3rd party tools directly in our literature, but you'll probably notice some images/figures that look like they come from the freeware "Audacity" .... because they do :).

    The drivers will install automatically with the EVM software and when you plug the USB cord into your computer, the motherboard will enumerate as A "TI USB Audio" device, which looks like a standard 2-way audio sound-card.  Once you have your recording program of choice opened, select the TI USB Audio sound source and begin recording!  I think we usually use the WASAPI setting, but I believe ASIO is also supported.