PCM6020-Q1: IIR filter coefficients default value

Part Number: PCM6020-Q1

Hi team,

I found the default value of following resistor is different from the default datasheet value. 

Could you check if my reading value is correct or not?

P4_R72-R75 = 0x7FE648C6 (default : 0x7FFFFFFF)
P4_R76-R79 = 0x8019B73A (default : 0x00000000)
P4_R80-R83 = 0x7FCC918B (default : 0x00000000)


  • Hi Shinji,

    Your readings are not the default values. It is is possible that if you read these registers prior to the required 10ms delay after wakeup that you could read non-default values as the device initializes. Otherwise I would suspect that your coefficients have been updated from default values somewhere in your sequence.