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CDCE906: About Register writing method and output Error

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I want to input a 106.25MHz clock and output 120MHz.
I changed the following contents from the default values.

>Adr= Byte1:0x55H
>Adr=Byte2 :0x60H
>Adr=Byte3 :0x60H
>Adr=Byte6 :0x60H

However, in rare cases, an error occurred that output 60 MHz.

1. Could you tell me the correct writing procedure.
    And I want advice on the validity of register changes.

2. Please advise about the reason why 60 MHz is output accidentally.

And I want to check the schematic.
Will you give me your contact information?

Best Regards,

  • Hi Yusuke,

    The SMBus programming is described in datasheet page 11. Please start with GUI software then export register setting.

    For schematic review, please contact the FAE to create a helpme ticket.


  • In reply to Hao Z:


    Thank you for your response and support.
    I understood about the schematic review.

    May I ask one more question?
    Could you tell me about the write timing of Byte11 input signal source.
    Should Byte 11 settings be written first?
    Please advise on the recommended write order of registers.

    Best Regards,

  • In reply to Tsukui Yusuke:

    Hi Yusuke-san,

    I believe that Byte 11 does not need special care. Registers can be simply programmed from R0 to R26 in ascending order.