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LMX2594: SPI communication

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Part Number: LMX2594


Our customer asks how LMX2594 communicates via SPI interface. When we checked following e2e, it says MUXout keeps Low state whenever CSB=Low state, and it seems like LMX2594 cannot communicate with several devices via in single SPI. Could you help him out how to communicate LMX2594 via SPI.


  • Hi Imi-san,

    There is no problem to write register. CLK and DATA can share with with other devices. CSB is separated.

    However, the MUXout pin cannot be directly connected to the MISO bus because when its CE is LOW, MUXout is driven LOW.

    MUXout can connect to the MISO bus via a diode.

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    Thank you very much. Close this question because this answer will resolve customer concerning.

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