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LMX2820: New Synthesizer Issue

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Part Number: LMX2820

Hi all,

This new synthesizer that has just arrived can only do up to 22.4GHz as stated in the datasheet. Now my application requires a synthesizer that can do up to 22.5GHz. Before buying the EVM Board, can the LMX2820 do 22.5GHz?

  • Hello Callum,

    The information online is "Advanced Information", we are still extensively testing and revising the part. As of right now frequencies above 22.4 GHz are not guaranteed however you might be able to reach 22.5 GHz using full-assist.

    You can try doing an auto-calibration at 22.4 GHz, read back the required registers for full-assist, program these back into the part and decrease VCO_CAPCTRL to get to 22.5 GHz. After this you can increase/decrease VCO_DACISET to optimize phase noise. This procedure will require some trial and error.



  • In reply to Vibhu Vanjari:

    Hi Vibhu,

    Many thanks for the reply, the information is greatly appreciated. In the datasheet for the LMX2820 it unfortunately doesn't have any information on the registers for actually programming the synthesizer. Also the TICS Pro software doesn't support it yet. When can we expect to see some support for the programming side of things?

    Many thanks,


  • In reply to Callum Austin:

    Hello Callum,

    Have you downloaded the latest revision of TICS Pro from the web. I believe we released a new version earlier this month.

    As far as the register programming settings go, I will need to check why that isn't on the web. This will be a second document and not part of the datasheet. I will get back to you on this.