LMK04826: Can I use LMK Outputs for Aurora and Ethernet 10G ??

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Part Number: LMK04826


In my custom board, I have LMK04826b IC. 

From these LMK04826b , Clock outputs are connected to different GTx Banks.

Now If I try to access JESD IP, then JESD IP it is accepting the clks, but If I try to use Aurora or Ethernet 10G Subsystem IP, then my PLL inside that IP is not getting Locked.

Aurora and Ethernet 10G Subsystem require 156.25 MHz Clock. If I bypass my LMK04826b and use External oscillator of 156.25 MHz clk, then Aurora and Ethernet 10G PLL is getting Locked.

Also in the LMK04826B Datasheet, it is mentioned that LMK04826b is mainly used for JESD204B Protocol. 

So LMK04826b is only for JESD204B or it can also be used to access Aurora/ Ethernet 10G Subsystem IP's??


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  • Hello Pavan,

    LMK04826 can generate 156.25 MHz, so conceivably it should be able to drive the 10G IP as well. Do you know if there is a performance requirement or phase noise mask that must be met for the 10G IP? Have you checked whether LMK04826 156.25 MHz output can meet these performance requirements? Are you sure the 156.25 MHz output is driving the 10G IP block?


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments