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CDCE6214-Q1: Create the various voltage and frequency

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Part Number: CDCE6214-Q1

I would like to create various clocks by clock generator. I guess this device CDCE949-Q1 is close to the correct as far as I searched. 

I would like the solution which can handle various clocks of voltage (1.0Vpp, 1.8Vpp and 3.3Vpp) and frequency (26 MHz, 32.76 kHz, 40MHz and etc) at the same time.Additionally I want more than 7 clocks. CDCE949-Q1 can supply 9 clock sof 3.3Vpp. But it can't supply 1.0Vpp and 1.8Vpp as far as I searched. I guess the combination of  CDCE6214-Q1 and level sifters enable it. 

Please tell me your opinion about this solution of the combination of  CDCE6214-Q1 and level sifters.

Could you tell me another TI's great solution? The solution with any other clock generator is OK because I don't stick to CDCE949-Q1. 


  • Hello Taito,

    Before I can give a good suggestion, can you please answer my questions about your application first:

    1. Can you provide a complete frequency plan, with exact frequencies or frequency ratios? Our clock generators have different internal oscillator frequencies for different applications, and we need to make sure we can generate all the required frequencies.
    2. Can you be more specific about the output formats required? For example, should all the various clocks be LVCMOS? Or are other standards acceptable as long as they meet the listed Vpp ranges?
    3. I see you are looking at automotive devices, so should I restrict my suggestions to only automotive components?


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments

  • In reply to Derek Payne:

    Hello Taito,

    We haven't heard from you in a while, so I'm marking the thread as resolved. Please let us know if you still would like assistance, and we can continue the discussion.


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments