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LMK05028: connecting to 1588 and PTP based system

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Part Number: LMK05028

I want to know how to connect the LMK05028 to a 1588 system and PTP stack running in Altera device.

  • Hello Ilan,

    The LMK05028 can be programmed to DCO the PLLs by either GPIO or by I2C or SPI writes.  It is also possible to do direct writes to the numerator as frequency control words.

    There will be 4 GPIO lines available to allow either or both DPLL1 and DPLL2 to each have their own FINC/FDEC GPIO pins.  Alternatively programming a register can also be used for FINC/FDEC.  When using either method to cause frequency increment/decrement, a programmed frequency deviation register controls the step size.

    Please refer to section 9.4.4. of the datasheet on DCO mode for more details.

    Please let me know if this answered your question.  Thank-you.



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